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Useful Heuristics: I and II

Commentary/explanations to follow

Heuristic I

Level One (Material) –> natural sciences: physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, etc.

Level Two (Pragmatic, collision between levels one and two) –> social sciences:  law, economics, sociology, demographics, etc.

Level Three (Ideal) –> arts and humanities:  philosophy, religion, art

Level Four (Meta) –> pure mathematics (form), information (bits, content)

Heuristic II


Material survival of Individual Material survival of Society Ideal (well-being) of Individual Ideal (well-being) of Society

Agency (Governance)

Individual pursuit of Material = Divergent X Divergent
Societal pursuit of Material Divergent = Divergent X
Individual pursuit of Ideal X Correlated = Correlated
Societal pursuit of Ideal Divergent Correlated (exception) Correlated =

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