I am an American lawyer living just outside Stockholm, Sweden.   Although I grew up in the United States, I have spent significant portions of my adult life living in Europe, and have come to consider it my second home.  I  am currently studying European Law at the University of Stockholm.

Notes on the Title of this Blog

The title of the blog, Vita in Abstracto, was chosen to reflect somewhat of a contradiction in terms.  An abstraction is, by definition, disembodied:  it is something thought of apart from concrete realities or specific instances.  In contradistinction, it can be argued that life (vita) is concrete reality itself, e.g. my life as it is happening right now.  In this sense, “abstract life ” is an impossibility.  But that doesn’t mean that the phrase is devoid of meaning.  To the contrary, in fact, something like “life in the abstract” is not an uncommon way of thinking about language and the function of language.  Language is the way in which we describe “life” and what is happening within each of our little worlds.  Some degree of abstraction is necessary in order to communicate ones experiences.  In this sense, Vita in Abstracto simply means ‘life as represented by words.’

I must confess that I have become somewhat of a dialthesist as I have grown older.  That is, I believe that there exist some true contradictions, some instances in which P ^~P is true.  Human nature is itself, I believe, one of these contradictions, or, as described by the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, “a synthesis of the infinite and the finite, of the temporal and the eternal, of freedom and necessity.”

I have a strong interest in modal and paraconsisent logic, and am fascinated by paradox and self-reference.  Many of these themes will be taken up in this blog.  For more information about these topics, I would recommend reading the work of Graham Priest, who is currently one of the leading philosophers in the area of paraconsistent logic.


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  1. Mihaela

    Alex gave me your blogg address. It’s fascinating to discover that you have a predisposition towards Kirkegaard. I’m just reading a book about him written by Ted Harris and a Swedish journalist.
    All the best!

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