A mother’s eye

I often boast about the artistic genius of my two-year-old son.  But alas, others don’t always share my enthusiasm.  When I show off his work, I am likely to be greeted with a blank stare or a dismissive smile.  So, in this post, I have taken the liberty of interpreting a few of my son’s drawings to allow everyone to see them through the eyes of his mother.

Meet shy elephant, papa penguin, and sad clown:

I took a few pictures Anton drew on the twelve and thirteen of Sept. and transformed them to the cartoons you see on the left.  My husband then took the snapshots I posted here, so it was quite the family art project.  I outlined in red the part of Anton’s picture of the elephant that I used (I think he changed his mind as he was drawing and decided he wanted a more lively creature), but I think it’s relatively easy to see which lines I followed for the other two.  Click on the images to take a closer look if you can’t tell from the thumbnails.

When you have to represent an image, observe some walls that are besmeared with stains or composed of stones of varying substances.  You can discover in them resemblances to a variety of mountainous landscapes, rivers, rocks, trees, vast plains, and hills.  You can also see in them battles and human figures, strange facial features and items of clothing, and an infinite number of other things whose forms you can straighten out and improve.  It is the same with crumbling walls as it is with the sound of church bells, in which you can discover every name and every word you want.

– Leonardo da Vinci, as translated by M.C. Escher in The Regular Division of the Plane, from Escher on Escher


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